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Nursery & Primary Workshops

Let our experienced staff take your class on an unforgettable cross-curricular learning journey. All workshops at NMMS are interactive and hands-on offering pupils the opportunity to observe, explore, experiment and play.

The below workshops are currently available. We offer thematic and seasonal workshops as well – please get in touch with our Education Team for more information.

Social Studies

Fossil Detectivesfossil detect

Travel back to the Jurassic period and discover the giant creatures who lived before us – the dinosaurs! Digging like a palaeontologist, roaring and stomping as a T-Rex, handling real fossils from our Collection and painting their own dino art to take home – pupils will love this messy, exciting and creative workshop.

Booking Information
Level: Early & First, Nursery – P3
Subject Focus: Social Studies, Art & Design, Sciences,
Health & Wellbeing
Cost: £35
Duration: 45 minutes


Archie and the Coalmine Cats

Pupils will hear the heroic tale of Archie and the Coalmine Cats – they saved the miner’s pieces from the rats!
The workshop features Scot’s language references, interactive storytelling, object handling, a cat spotting hunt around the Colliery and making a cat mask to take home.

Booking Information
Level: Early & First, P1 – 4
Subject Focus: Social Studies, Art & Design, Literacy,
Sciences, Health & Wellbeing
Cost: £30
Duration: 1 hour


Nan’s House
Through messy play and questioning pupils will experience a Victorian washday and how children used to have fun!
Help Nan wash the clothes (this bit will be messy!) and learn what life was like before electricity and indoor plumbing. All pupils will have the chance to play some Victorian games and make their own peg doll to take home.

Booking Information
Level: Early & First, P1 – 4
Subject Focus: Social Studies, Health and Wellbeing,
Art & Design, Literacy
Cost: £20
Duration: 45 minutes


A Mine of Information
From the 13th century to 1985 in an hour! Can’t be done, you say? Oh, yes it can!
This fast paced workshop is a perfect introduction to everything there is to know about Scotland’s mining industry and mining in your local area. The workshop includes introductions to non-renewable energy, children’s lives in Victorian Scotland, the Victorians, inventions, Industrial Revolution, steam power, coal power, Nationalisation and a history of your local area.

App Guides 045
The workshop is very interactive with a chance for pupil’s to re-enact key periods in history, dress up as Victorian’s and miners, and handle real objects from collieries across Scotland. Each workshop is bespoke to your school and local area.

This workshop is available at NMMS or in your school. Please see our Outreach Section for more information.

Additional activities for this workshop include:

1. Map regression
2. Poster design
3. Make a classroom exhibition

Booking Information
Level: Early/ First/ Second, P1 – 7
Subject Focus: Social Studies, STEM, Art & Design,
Literacy, Health & Wellbeing
Cost: £25
Duration: 1 hour (for add on activities additional
time will be required)


Snap, Crackle and Pop – Coming Soon in February 2018
This cross-curricular workshop, combining STEM and Social Studies can be tailored to suit your class focus.
We start in 1800 – children as young as 3 years old are working underground and mines are getting deeper and more dangerous with the ever increasing demand for coal. By 1812 there has been several major explosions, all caused by methane! In 1815 three inventors set to making a Safety Lamp. The workshop ends in 1842 when women and children, under 10, were banned from working underground.


Picture That!

Social Studies and STEM are covered in this workshop.
The Victorians are well known for their great inventions. Photography being one of them. In this workshop we examine the development of photography, search for clues in historic photographs and discuss why recording people and places is so important for the future. Pupils will then create their own photograph using our DSLR camera. All photographs taken by pupils will be emailed to the class teacher after the workshop.
Add-on Activity: Photography training for pupils. Bring your class camera’s along and pupils will learn about composition, rule of thirds and taking a great photograph. (Additional costs and times apply).

Booking Information
Level: First & Second P4 – 7
Subject Focus: Social Studies, STEM, Art & Design,
Literacy, Health & Wellbeing
Cost: £30
Duration: 1 hour
Group size: 25 pupils maximum


Art, Design and Creative WritingMay17 107 - Copy

Are you looking for an emotive and inspirational site for pupils? The Lady Victoria is situated on four acres of
land and hosts some of the best industrial architecture in Europe – why not let us inspire you? We recently won the Big Draw Festival Museum & Galleries Award!

NMMS staff can advise where the accessible areas of the museum are. This must be booked in advance with the Education Team.



Awesome Engineers
The height of Victorian engineering and invention is seen in the Lady Victoria’s winding engine – the largest in Scotland! Pupils will see the Winding Engine in action and one pupil will be asked to drive it. During this workshop pupils will learn the basic principles of engineering and start thinking about forces. Workshop pupil challenge: in your team, create your own machine using Cams and Cranks.

Booking Information
Level: Second, P5-7
Subject Focus: STEM, Art & Design, Literacy,
Social Studies, Health & Wellbeing
Cost: £30
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes 


Crafting the Mine

2016-05-31_00-54-44 Combining digital learning, STEM and the history of mining this workshop has it all. Pupils will have the chance to explore the Lady Victoria Colliery in the game Minecraft, compete against each other to collect the most coal and enjoy a guided tour of the Colliery. This workshop focuses on architecture and the science of mining.

More information about Crafting the Mine (the NMMS Minecraft Game is available here)

Booking Information
Stage: First & Second: P3-7
Subject Focus: STEM, Art & Design, Literacy,
Social Studies, Health & Wellbeing
Cost: £35
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Group size: 25 pupils maximum



The Practical Bit

How to Book
• Contact our education team on 0131 663 7519 or email [email protected]

We advise all teachers to make a preliminary visit. We request that there is 1 adult for every 10 pupils. NMMS are happy to provide a space for snacks/packed lunches for your group.

All workshops can include a Guided Tour and access to the two exhibition floors (additional costs may apply).
Any groups of over 50 people may incur an additional charge of £25.

Risk Assessments
National Mining Museum Scotland’s site, the Lady Victoria Colliery, our activities and workshops have been risk assessed. While NMMS cannot provide copies of our risk assessments, we can offer a risk assessment information sheet to assist you in creating your Group Specific Risk Assessment. We recommend that you follow your Local Authority protocol. All teachers and educational staff are advised to make a preliminary visit to NMMS before your class visit.

Where Are We?
NMMS is located in Newtongrange, Midlothian, only 9 miles south of Edinburgh City Centre and situated
on the A7. We have a large free car park with dedicated coach spaces and disabled parking drop off zone and spaces.
Border Railway train services run every 30 minutes from Edinburgh Waverly and Tweedbank. From the train station in Newtongrange the Museum is only a short walk away.

Museum Facilities
On site we have the following facilities:
• Museum Shop
Space is limited and so we kindly ask that only 10 children with adult supervision in the shop at any one time
• Booking a room
When booking a class visit we can offer a space for coats, bags and packed lunches for free in our education space
Rooms are available to hire for self-led art, design or writing workshops at £25 per hour
There are outdoor picnic benches available
• Café
We have a café on site. Only food purchased from the shop may be consumed in the café.
• Bathrooms are located throughout the museum and are well signposted
• Most of the Museum is accessible by wheelchair and there are accessible bathrooms on the ground and second floors
• Big Stuff tour is available for groups wishing to see ourmachinery collection. Additional chargemay apply. Only available on Wednesday’s.
We require a minimum of five days notice if you need to cancel your visit. If less than five days’ notice is given for your cancellation or an additional tour guide has been booked the full amount will be payable.


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