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Mining a Future for the Lady Victoria


Interested in supporting a  truly unique museum?  Why not help us preserve one of the last remaining heritage sites  to showcase the stories of ordinary Scottish workers.



 Help Preserve our Past, for the Future
As well as being a 5 star visitor attraction with a collection is recognised by the Scottish Government as being of National Significance, we are a charity which relies on donations and grants from our supporters. Our charity work includes educating future generations about Scotland’s mining and industrial history and conserving and protecting our unique site and collections. Despite our efforts, we remain on the National Buildings at Risk Register and we need your help to continue our important education, outreach and conservation work.
We are at a stage where our collections are beginning to deteriorate rapidly due to lack of funding for conservation projects. Looking to the future, we urgently require funding to preserve our extraordinary collections for future generations before they deteriorate. The Mining the Future Appeal will focus on funding the conservation and preservation of our unique site and our extensive collections, which showcases a history that is often forgotten- that of the everyday Scottish worker.




Our historic banners made by miners are in need of conservation work in order to be preserved for future generations, and to potentially go on display.


Protecting the History of Scottish workers
Our conservation projects are wide ranging but absolutely vital to our engagement and education work, as well as protecting the history and heritage of Scottish workers. Sadly, many of our one-of-a-kind objects cannot be displayed in our galleries because they require urgent conservation work. With your help, we can work towards conserving these objects properly so that future generations can learn about the history of Scottish industry and the workers that fuelled the Industrial Revolution.



Our social history collection is hugely significant to understanding the history of Scottish workers in the 19th and 20th centuries, the trade union movement and community politics. For example, the badge above was given to James Hogg as a vicitimised miner, number 150, during the 1984/85 Miners’ strike. Many of our social history objects such as this badge are delicate and need to be stored in controlled conditions which require constant funding to maintain. 


Our ‘Big Stuff’ collection consists of mining equipment and machinery, which highlights the magnificent and complex engineering which drove Scotland’s mining industry. However, many of the objects in the Big Stuff collection such as our locomotives require continued work to prevent deterioration. The collection is vital to understanding the coal industry and the role it played in fuelling the Industrial Revolution, one of the most significant periods in the UK’s history.


One of our key upcoming projects is restoring our historic Undercroft, which has never been open throughout the Museum’s 34 year history because it requires critical access and preservation work. Situated underneath the colliery building, the Undecroft was once a bustling hub of activity, containing a series of railway sidings which allowed for the transportation of coal from the site, directly to the textile mills in the Borders and the docks in Leith. The Undercroft is a vital part of our history and opening it to the public would allow us to bring our museum to life further.


We would love to finally open the Undercroft to the public, however we need help to undertake specialist conservation and survey work



Mining the Future
Here at NMMS we are excited to mine a future for our museum, so that we can continue our important engagement, education and conservation work and to protect the history and heritage of Scottish workers.
But we need to work in solidarity to achieve our exciting future goals. Whether you want to support the conservation of a Workers’ Union banner, or contribute to preserving our magnificent ‘big stuff’ collection, your contribution to the Mining the Future Appeal will have a huge impact on keeping Scotland’s industrial heritage alive.
As only few people are aware of our charitable status, we do not always receive the level of donations we need to maintain our vital conservation activities. However supporting us today, on the International Day of Charity, can definitely change that!
By supporting our Mining the Future appeal, you will become one of our exclusive group of Lady Victoria Supporters and receive updates on the project and other exciting museum news.

Donate securely using the link below and be part of the Lady Victoria Supporters who are #MiningtheFuture together!


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