Welcome to National Mining Museum Scotland’s Library


If you are looking to learn more about coal mining in Scotland and would like to explore aspects of the industry – or part of your own family history – the library is a good place to start. You will find a range of books, journals, documents and other materials covering the history of coal mining in what is the largest collection of such material relating to the industry in Scotland.

Academics, students and school pupils all find the library to be a valuable source of detailed information for their research projects, but the library is open to anyone with an interest in Scottish social and industrial history. If you are researching your family history you are welcome to make an appointment to visit the library where we can help you to search for more background details to a relative’s involvement in the Scottish coal industry.

If you are looking more information about the history of coal mining, social and working conditions and details of a particular colliery where a relative worked; or are interested in specific events such as the 1926 General Strike, wartime, the 1984/85 strike, or a specific mining disaster, the library has resources which will help.

Please contact us to arrange a visit to the library or if you have an enquiry but are unable to visit in person.  Find details about how to contact us here.

Although the Museum library does not hold employment records for miners, you may be able to find information about a family member if they were involved in mine management or were an official of the NCB or NUM.  (National Coal Board employment records are currently held at Iron Mountain, Rumer Hill Industrial Estate, Rumer Hill Road, Cannock, WS11 8EX, tel. 0844 264 1486).


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