Secondary School Workshops

What’s New:

1. Outdoor learning

While we cannot accommodate group visits on site, we can facilitate outdoor visits. We have a large outdoor space around our site and have new, short, activity sheets focusing on Health & Wellbeing (nature & nurture), Maths, or Social Studies (mining history). You are also welcome to use our outdoor space for your own art or outdoor learning. 

These are self-led however, a pre-site visit with a member of the Education team is required for H&S and you must book in advance.

 2. Online Learning

Please visit our “Learning at Home with NMMS” page for free digital learning resources.

Coming Soon – Lesson Plans! We will be launching our lesson plans to be used with our Collections films soon.

3. Live Video Call with an Ex-Miner or our Education Team

Enjoy an engaging session with one of our ex-miner tour guides or Education team – digitally! You will hear first-hand what life was like as a miner, see real objects used underground and, best of all, we tailor the video call to your topic! For example, steam engines, life as a Victorian miner, or mining in your local area. We’ll include facts, photos and maps to bring it all to life! Video calls last 20-30mins depending on topic and pupils will be invited to ask questions.

4. Teacher Support

Are you covering the Victorians, your local mining history, geology or renewable energy? We offer digital CLPL/CPD support for all educational professionals and can tailor this to suit you. Sessions run over zoom or Microsoft teams.



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A visit to National Mining Museum Scotland will provide a powerful learning experience your pupils will never forget. At the heart of the five-star Lady Victoria Colliery lies a mine of information. Pupils are immersed in historic buildings, see science and engineering in action, explore their local heritage and discover through hands-on experiences.
National Mining Museum Scotland School’s Programme has been designed around the Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes and is led by experienced heritage learning professionals. From guided tours, workshops to exploring our exhibition floors pupils will enjoy interdisciplinary learning throughout their visit. As part of our commitment to helping young people reach their full potential we offer a range of employability workshops and placements. New for 2018 young people aged 16 – 26 will have the opportunity to join the NMMS Youth Panel.


Want to engage your pupil’s in an out-of-the-classroom experience? What better way to understand the importance
of primary and secondary sources for your Scottish or British topics than visiting an authentic Scottish Colliery which has borne witness to all the industrial and political changes from the 1895 to 1981.

Option 1. Guided tour with one of our ex-miners who can relate first hand stories and access to our two floors of exhibitions, this includes quiz sheets for each pupil.

Option 2. Source evaluation. Pupils will hear a first-hand account and see photographs and records from the NMMS collection. These will be evaluated and discussed by pupils who will then create their own thesis in the form of a poster. Duplicates of evidence will be provided and this can be taken back to class. This can be tailored to suit your topic.

Booking Information
Level: S1 – S3
Option 1. Cost: £1 per , one free adult for every 10 pupils and thereafter £8 for additional adult
Option 2. Cost: £2 per pupil, 1 free adult for every 10 pupils and thereafter £8
Duration: 1 hour
Group Size: 25 pupils per workshop

Your Local Area –Social Studies
This is a fantastic inter-disciplinary workshop which is tailored to suit your school and class requirements. Either as
a standalone workshop, with resources, or it can take place over several workshops. Pupils will undergo a historical and geographical investigation of their local area. Why was the village/town built? What was the main employer, has this changed? What impact has the mining industry had? What evidence can still be seen in your environment?
Workshops can include:
1. Using historical sources such as maps, plans and photographs
2. Investigating the coal mining industry in your local area
3. Creating your own exhibition – NMMS loan boxes can be
borrowed and we have free resources for pupils and teaching
4. Follow on activities including recording local features,
historical buildings or structures. Where possible an outdoor
investigation of your local coal mine may be possible.

Want to make this a larger project? Speak to a member of the NMMS Education Team.

Booking Information:
Subject Focus: History, Geography, Modern Studies,
English, Health and Wellbeing
Level: S1 – S3
Cost: Available on request
Group Size: 33 pupils per workshop
(multiple workshops per day available)

Jim coal road 2

Use NMMS to inspire your creative writing. From persuasive to imaginative writing or debates (did someone say Thatcher?) let us help to inspire your class.
Option 1. Site Visit You can access the Colliery and Pithead areas. This is teacher-led but requires pre-booking.
Option 2. Guided Tour: Enjoy a guided tour of the Pithead and recreated underground experience and view the two floors of exhibitions.
Would you like to stay and write at the museum? Book a space at the Museum.

Booking Information
Level: S1 – 6
Option 1. Cost: Free of charge
Option 2. Cost: £1 per pupil, 1 adult free for
every 10 pupils.
Group Size: 25 pupils maximum

Art & Design
Sketch, draw, paint and capture the iconic Lady Victoria Colliery. From the magnificent Headframe to the vaulted
ceilings of the Undercroft. This is self-led but must be booked in advance.
“Winners of the Museums and Galleries Award” – Big Draw Festival 2016

Photography Introduction
Pupil’s will explore the photographs in the NMMS’s Recognised Collection and discuss the evolution of photographic
equipment and technology. Bring your own camera along and be guided around some of the most iconic and architecturally inspiring areas at the Lady Victoria Colliery.

Booking Information:
Cost: £15
Group Size: 34 pupils maximum





Tourism, Creative Industries & Employability
We offer a range of employability, tourism and behind the scenes opportunities for young people. These are tailored to suit your class/pupils and can include behind the scenes tours, employability or work experience days/projects or hands-on experience workshops where pupils can “take over” some of the jobs required for the day to day running of the Museum. Specific opportunities are also advertised through the Developing the Young Workforce Platform.

Booking Information
Bespoke: workshops ranging from 45 minutes
to 1 full day.
Cost: Free
Group Size: 33 pupils maximum


The Practical Bit

How to Book
• Contact our education team on 0131 663 7519 or email

We advise all teachers to make a preliminary visit. We request that there is 1 adult for every 10 pupils. NMMS are happy to provide a space for snacks/packed lunches for your group.

All workshops can include a Guided Tour and access to the two exhibition floors (additional costs may apply).
Any groups of over 50 people may incur an additional charge of £25.

Risk Assessments
National Mining Museum Scotland’s site, the Lady Victoria Colliery, our activities and workshops have been risk assessed. While NMMS cannot provide copies of our risk assessments, we can offer a risk assessment information sheet to assist you in creating your Group Specific Risk Assessment. We recommend that you follow your Local Authority protocol. All teachers and educational staff are advised to make a preliminary visit to NMMS before your class visit.

Where Are We?
NMMS is located in Newtongrange, Midlothian, only 9 miles south of Edinburgh City Centre and situated
on the A7. We have a large free car park with dedicated coach spaces and disabled parking drop off zone and spaces.
Border Railway train services run every 30 minutes from Edinburgh Waverly and Tweedbank. From the train station in Newtongrange the Museum is only a short walk away.

Museum Facilities
On site we have the following facilities:
• Museum Shop
Space is limited and so we kindly ask that only 10 children with adult supervision in the shop at any one time
• Booking a room
When booking a class visit we can offer a space for coats, bags and packed lunches for free in our education space
Rooms are available to hire for self-led art, design or writing workshops at £25 per hour
There are outdoor picnic benches available
• Café
We have a café on site. Only food purchased from the shop may be consumed in the café.
• Bathrooms are located throughout the museum and are well signposted
• Most of the Museum is accessible by wheelchair and there are accessible bathrooms on the ground and second floors
• Big Stuff tour is available for groups wishing to see our machinery collection. Additional chargemay apply. Only available on Wednesday’s.
We require a minimum of five days notice if you need to cancel your visit. If less than five days’ notice is given for your cancellation or an additional tour guide has been booked the full amount will be payable.



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