School Outreach Workshops

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NMMS outreach workshops bring the museum to your classroom. All our outreach workshops can be tailored to fit your requirements and can be stand alone or we can help support a longer term project. All outreach workshops
come with a resource pack complete with photographs and information relating to your local coal mines. Choose from any of the following thematic topics:

  • A Mine of Information
  • Children in the Mine
  • Your Local Mining Area
  • Special Talk from NMMS Staff [heritage/culture sector, mining industry, employability skills, etc]

Example Workshop: A Mine of Information

This fast paced workshop is a perfect introduction to everything there is to know about Scotland’s mining industry and mining in your local area. The workshop includes introductions to non-renewable energy, children’s lives in Victorian Scotland, the Victorian’s, inventions, Industrial Revolution, steam power, coal power, nationalisation and a history of your local area. The workshop is very interactive with a chance for pupil’s to re-enact key periods in history, dress up as Victorian’s and miners, and handle real objects from collieries across Scotland.

Additional activities for this workshop can include:App Guides 056
1. Map regression
2. Poster design
3. Make a classroom exhibition

Booking Information
Level: Tailored to suit all levels and ages
Cost: Costs apply please contact us for further information
Duration: 1 – 2 hours
Group size: Flexible


For more information or to book please contact the Education Team.

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