New Acquisitions

We recently welcomed two volunteers from the British Heart Foundation Shop in Leith.  While sorting through bags of donations, they came across this book, and thought of us.

The volume is entitled “Accident Report Book.”  It lists all accidents from minor cuts and sprains to fatalities that occurred within the Lothian Coal Company’s pits between 1914 and 1933.

The details given are impressive, including the names of the casualty, their age, their home address and the nature of the injury.  Even the name of the doctor who treated them and any compensation the miner received is listed.

Before the nationalisation of the coal industry in 1947, employment details of ordinary miners are rare and the book is a real treasure for people wishing to research their Lothian mining ancestors.  Work has already begun to present the information in a spreadsheet, making it easy to search for specific people.

For more information, please contact [email protected]


Accident book display



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