Let’s Open the Undercroft!

Our Undercroft is in desperate need for a makeover. We want to give it a pampering so that it’s fit for public viewing and so we revive our guided tours to include the Undercroft Experience.


Situated underneath the colliery building, the Undecroft was once a bustling hub of activity, containing a series of railway sidings which allowed for the transportation of coal from the site, directly to the textile mills in the Borders and the docks in Leith.

However it needs a significant amount of TLC to bring it back to life (£10,000 worth in fact). The plan for Operation ‘Makeover the Undercroft’ is as follows:

  • Building a walkway through the Undercroft.
  • Installing adequate lighting.
  • Designing, producing and installing interpretation panels to bring the area to life.

We’ve already raised £3,000, so let’s make the final push to get the Undercroft looking great again before it’s too late