Kids Zone

At National Mining Museum Scotland you see what life was like working in a cramped, dark and cold pit. Just be glad you weren’t born a couple of hundred years ago – in the 1800’s children as young as five worked down the mines!

Coal mining used to be really important to Scotland’s economy – but it was not an easy job. During your visit you will get a sense of the tough conditions miners worked in. Fortunately, all of the tour guides at the museum are ex-miners and will have lots of stories to tell you about what it was like for them.

Here are just a few things you must do when you visit!

 Squeeze through a tight, dark tunnel in A Race Apart Exhibition and find out if you would have made it as a miner!
 Experience “wash day”, back-breaking work for the wives of the miners
Dress in Victorian clothes
 See Scotland’s largest winding engine in action
 Find all six colliery cats!

Kids Artwork

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