Jack is a poor boy who lives in the forest with his mother. One day she tells him that their evil landlord, the evil Squire Bogie, has raised their rent. They are so poor that he must take the cow to market to exchange it for some money to pay the nasty squire. On the way Jack meets an old mysterious woman who gives Jack five magic beans in exchange for the cow. On his return, his angry mother throws the beans into the garden. Overnight the beans grow into a huge beanstalk and Jack climbs up it after finding a golden egg! At the top he finds a castle where a giant lives. With a beanstalk that will grow right in front of your eyes and an actual giant who makes an appearance, this funny and exciting story maintains M&Ms excellent reputation as the leading touring pantomime company in the UK. Our state of the art lighting and sets will amaze you and with lots of colourful characters , songs and dances we can guarantee it will be one of the best productions there has ever ‘bean’ at your school!!!!

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