Donating To The Collection

We are always excited to hear about any potential new donations to our collections, so if you have any material relating to coal mining in Scotland that you would like to give to the Museum, we would be very interested to hear from you.

Before approaching us, however, please make sure that you have the legal right to give us the material, and bear in mind that we can’t accept everything due to our limited storage space. If we already have an example of the items you are offering, we might, with your permission, add them to our handling collection for use in educational activities, or we might be able to suggest another museum or collector who would be interested in the items.

If would like to donate photographs, it is helpful if you are able to sign copyright over to the Museum as we can then use the photographs in our exhibitions and publications.

We generally prefer, when donating to the collection, if you are able to transfer legal ownership of items to the Museum, rather than entering into long-term or “permanent” loan agreements. There is a small amount of straightforward paper work that must be completed before the Museum can accept any donations.

If possible, please contact the Museum in advance of bringing in any donations.

Please note that our collections are governed by our Collections Development Policy.  Please check the policy to ensure that your potential donation fits into our collecting remit.

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