Teacher Continued Professional Development (CPD/CLPL)

We have a range of resources and support for teachers looking to visit NMMS or use our collections in their classrooms. Our CPD sessions offer hands-on learning with “take away” resources available. These CPD sessions are FREE and can be run at NMMS or at your school.


CPD Event

Join us on Wednesday 7th March at 4.30pm for an introduction to our Schools Programme and available resources. The CPD session will last one hour with refreshments provided.


Our CPD Topics Include:

  • Your Local Mining Area
    • It can often be daunting to teach pupils about their local area if you are not from that area yourself or if you are unsure where to start! We’re here to help. We provide an introduction to the history of your area, an introduction to coal mining, mining history in your area and we finish by teaching you our top research tips! Included in this workshop are suggested activities for in the classroom and for outdoor learning.
  • COAL
    • Get hands on with the formation of coal, the science of mining and non-renewable energy.
  • Victorian Mining
    • An introduction to early mining conditions, the 1842 Royal Commission Report (children in the mine), and the Industrial Revolution.
  • National Mining Museum Scotland
    • This workshop can only take place at NMMS and offers teachers an exclusive “behind the scenes” experience of life at the Lady Victoria Colliery.
  • Crafting the Mine 
    • Digital learning using Minecraft.

Contact us for more information or to book a CPD session.

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