User Experiences


Every year, we answer dozens of enquiries and help people with a wide range of research.  We have gathered together some feedback on this service to give an overview of the variety of things that we can help with.


“Thank you very much for your help, and access to your knowledgeable volunteers yesterday. It was again useful, and I think I have enough information to draft a minewater geothermal energy feasibility study”

David Townsend, Townrock Energy


“I was seeking information on a mining ancestor so contacted the Museum. They were able to find what I was looking for and more. I am not sure I would have had such success in sourcing information without the wonderful support of the museum staff and its volunteers. Many thanks.”

Janet, Alberta, Canada


“I contacted the museum whilst carrying out research on a book about my father and his career as a Mining Surveyor. Not only was the museum able to provide information on his occupation swiftly but provided me with a clearer understanding of the development of Coal Mining in central Scotland and its relevance to the nation’s economy.” 

Donald, East Sussex

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