Library Rules

Be respectful to other library users.  Please talk to and share information with others present who are interested, but bear in mind that some people may be working and trying to concentrate.

Handle books and other library materials with care.  Make sure your hands are clean and do not fold or dog ear pages.  Follow any additional instructions you may be given e.g. if a book needs to be viewed in a book cradle or if you need to wear gloves to handle a particular item.

Please do not use pens in the library.  Always use a pencil and do not write on any library materials.

If you need to make or receive a mobile phone call, please step out of the library into the building’s foyer.

Do not eat or drink in the library.  You may use the seating area outside the library to do this.  There is a fridge in which you are welcome to store food.

You are welcome to browse the library and look at any material that is of interest, but please ensure you put it back where you found it.

If working you take any items away from the shelving to work with at a desk, please leave these for a member of staff or a volunteer to re-shelve.

If viewing loose sheets of paper, ensure you retain the original order.

Please do not remove any materials from the library.

Please respect copyright law – a good rule of thumb is that you may photocopy one chapter or article from a book or issue of a journal, or 10% of the book or issue of a journal, whichever is greatest.

You may use a camera or scanner to take images of library material, but please remember that the same copyright law applies as for photocopying.

If a publication results from your research, please deposit a copy in the library for future use.

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