Facilities Available

The National Mining Museum Scotland Library is located in the Museum’s office building, which is across the main road (the A7) from the main Visitor Centre.  If you have made an appointment to visit the library, please come directly to this building and ring the intercom.   A member of staff or a volunteer will be expecting to meet you.

Please note that the building is not designed for public use and is a working environment for museum employees and volunteers, and also for various tenants who rent office space.  Please, therefore, respect that people are working in the building and be patient with anyone using the seating area outside the library to have a break / lunch.

Desk space is available within the library for researchers to work at and it is usually possible to access the library computer if required.  You are welcome to bring your own laptop or tablet but please note that wifi is limited.

A photocopier/printer is available for researchers to use.  The first 10 sheets are free and are 10p (A4) or 20p (A3) thereafter.  Please pay cash only, directly to a member of staff.  Our photocopier can also be used as a scanner and we can email you digital files.

You are welcome to use the seating area outside the library to take a break, and this is also where the best wifi signal can usually be found.  Ask a member of staff for the password.

Refreshments can be purchased in the Café which is across the road in the main museum building.

The toilets are near to the library.  Please just ask to be directed to them.

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