NMMS Donation FAQS

The following information may be of help to you in your decision to donate items to the Museum. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us.


What type of items can I donate?

The Museum can only accept items which fall within its Collections Policy. This is usually limited to items with links to the Scottish mining industry. If you are still in doubt, please contact us. Please ensure you have the legal right to give us the item. 


How do I donate an item?

Please download and fill in the Donations Form and email this to our team. We will consider your item and contact you as soon as possible regarding our decision. We would then contact you to arrange a time to bring the item to the Museum and ask you to fill in our required paperwork, to transfer ownership (and copyright) to the Museum.

We would then complete our acquisitions process and your item would become part of National Mining Museum Scotland’s collection. Information is held in both paper form and electronically.


Will the item be displayed?

Only a small proportion of the Museum’s collection is on display at any given time. However, all items not currently on display can be accessed by appointment.


What will happen to the item?

The item will be stored with the rest of the collection. The Museum uses its collections for a variety of purposes including display, research and handling (for visiting school and community groups etc.). Collections are also loaned out to other institutions.


Why can’t you accept the item as a donation?

There are many reasons why we can’t accept items as donations:

We already have similar items

The item doesn’t match our collecting policies

The item is not in good condition

Provenance of the item is unclear

We do not have sufficient storage space for the item

We are unable to transport the item.


What will happen if you can’t accept the item?

In most instances, we will be able to suggest another museum or collector who could be interested in the item.


Can I loan an item to the Museum?

We are unable to accept loans from individuals unless there are exceptional circumstances.



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