Let’s Open the Undercroft!

Our Undercroft is in desperate need for a makeover. We want to give it a pampering so that it’s fit for public viewing and so we revive our guided tours to include the Undercroft Experience.   Situated underneath the colliery building, the Undecroft was once a bustling hub of activity, containing a series of railway sidings which allowed for the transportation of coal from the site, directly to the textile mills in the Borders and the docks in Leith. However it needs a...

From Skate Park to Haunted House: What do Newtongrange Primary want?

To kick off our programme of community consultation I was lucky enough to be joined by four classes from Newtongrange Primary School. The pupils’ enthusiasm, imagination and sense of fun was just what we needed to start thinking big and coming up with some amazing ideas for the future of the Boiler House. We really want people to think outside the box and this was certainly the case during our three school workshops. When we first started thinking about this project and how to find out...